A Social Toolkit for the New Internet

Flux is a social framework for communities to coordinate with greater privacy, coherence, and collaboration.

We are building a composable set of tools that enable communities to create their own private, composable, and decentralized social fabrics. Each exists as its own independent peer to peer network that supports group messaging without latency or gas fees as well as crypto functionality such as token-gated access, in-app payments, and integrations with other web3 services.
What drives our vision at Flux is the desire for more sovereignty in our lives. We believe communication, self-expression, and grassroots coordination should be free from centralized control and are committed to providing an experience that is both self-directed and adaptable to the full diversity of communities' wants and needs. Through doing so, we hope to facilitate an emergence of the deeper wealth of our shared humanity.
Flux challenges the status quo of today's one-size-fits-all approach, and instead offers a bottom-up solution. We provide a useful set tools that are easily composable and interoperable and allow each community to intentionally design their experience and culture. Rather than enforcing given feature sets, Flux provides a general framework for social interaction from which a multitude of experiences can arise.
Let's take a look at how this all works.
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